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Bodhichitta Winery in Oregon

Recently I learned about Bodhichitta Winery, a unique winery in Oregon that launched this month. It is the first winery in Oregon to be non- profit. The motto at the winery is “Passion for wine, compassion for others.” Not only do they sell wine online and in stores, they also sell lavender products.

Beginning with its name, Bodhichetta winery is an unusual winery that that combines many unusual characteristics. According to the Bodihichitta website, Bodhichitta is Sanskrit for “inner self or soul.” 


In keeping with its motto, Bodhichitta Winery donates all of its profits to charity. These charities include Central Asian Institute, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Autism Society of America, The Humane Society, The Nature Conservancy and Oregon Trout. If you are not familiar with Central Asian Institute, perhaps you have read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. It is the phenomenal story of Mortenson who has dedicated his life to establishing schools in central Asia where illiteracy is rampant. In January, before the winery opened, they donated $12,000 dollars to build one school. In the future they hope to be able to donate more funding for schools.


Bodhichitta Winery is located in the famed Willamette Valley. While they are not open to the public purchases can be made in person or online. Products are also available in stores and wine shops.

Congratulations to everyone involved at Bodhichitta Winery where “compassion for others” is of prime importance.


Cheers! Kathy


PS: On May 7, 2009, the University of Oregon will be hosting Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea. Tickets are free. Visit the university’s website for tickets.

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