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A New Winery in Wisconsin Opens its Doors

Last Friday  Joseph and Dorinda Wynimko opened a winery in Bloomer, Wisconsin. Joseph began winemaking as a hobby from a kit. He went on to making wines that are a bit on the unusual side, as he prefers making wine that does not have grapes in it.

As I read an article about the winery, it brought back memories of my husband’s uncle who made wine at home and gave it all away to friends and family. We visited Uncle’s cellar many years ago where he proudly showed us his carboys filled with a variety of fruit wines. Uncle exclaimed, “I can make wine with anything that has a seed in it.”

If you have the opportunity, check out the O’Neil Creek Winery. Wines include wines made from rhubarb, cranberry, strawberry, elderberry, strawberry-rhubarb and pumpkin. Be sure to ask about the onion wine. If you have always heard of dandelion wine then now is our chance to try it. For more information, check out the article in the Bloomer Advance.

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