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Food Bites, The Science of the Foods We Eat

I recently discovered, Food Bites, The Science of the Foods We Eat by Richard W. Hartel and Annakate Hartel. Chapter three, only two pages long, is titled “Vintage Wines and Chocolates.” In only two pages they discuss the cocoa bean and grape. Both are affected by the growing conditions. This affects the finished product. There is so much science involved in winemaking; I wish the authors had added an additional chapter about wine including brix levels, yeast, fermentation and more.

Other chapters in the book include “Process Food: Good or Bad?,” Food Safety and Mobile Food Carts,” “Butter or Margarine?” and “Kool-Aid or Tang?”

While this is an interesting book and based on columns written by Richard Hartel, I hope he will consider another lengthier book with “generous portion” chapters.

Cheers! Kathy

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