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Champagne Price War?

Price wars? It has been a long time since that term has been rampant. Actually, the last time I heard it mentioned was a couple of years ago just before Thanksgiving when the grocery stores were competitively offering turkeys at the lowest price. Hmm… haven’t heard that for this year anyway.

There is an article on Decanter.com about a Champagne price war between stores. Wow, that’s one I can really get excited about. Champagne and sparkling wines can be so good!  Almost wish I lived in the UK to take advantage of it. Check out the article, “Prices plummet in UK Champagne price war” by Giles Fallowfield.

As a consumer, I like price wars. It’s great for my wallet and sometimes I can purchase something that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy. However, look at the flip side of the coin. How can the farmer, winery or manufacturer make any type of profit when there is a price war? After all, for all of the work and materials involved they deserve to make a profit.

Do you know of any “good buys” for Champagne or sparkling wine this year?

Cheers! Kathy

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