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Leap Year – the Movie and Wine

Yesterday we went to see Leap Year. I’m not a movie critic and it’s probably a good thing as any number of times I’ve read a review by a movie critic and just didn’t agree with them.

Anyway, Leap Year is a feel-good kind of movie. If you’re into romantic situations, humor and Ireland then this may be the movie for you to see. If you’re into science fiction, violence then look for another movie.

The reason I’m even mentioning Leap Year is because of a couple of scenes that depicted wine and Champagne. The first scene takes place in the kitchen where two people are cooking dinner. It’s going to be a fine dinner with lots of garden vegetables and chicken. Suddenly a wine bottle appears and into the skillet goes a few splashes of wine, immediately followed by the cooks drinking from the bottle. Really! Couldn’t they have poured the wine into wine glasses? However, it was a great idea to add more flavor to the meal by adding wine.

Another scene, takes place at a wedding reception. There the actress (Amy Adams) is holding the fluted Champagne glass by the bowl not the stem!

Now I for one will never critique someone for how they hold a wine glass but I know that many people would like to know the correct way to do things and will learn from example. Wouldn’t it be nice if something as simple as holding the glass by the stem had been done? I don’t believe it added to the movie in anyway to hold the glass by the bowl.

Cheers! Kathy

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