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Create a Chicken Caesar Salad with Chardonnay

Spring weather is here – at least temporarily. Yesterday we spied a few daffodils and crocuses in bloom. The expected high today and tomorrow is in the mid seventies. What great weather to cook outside!

Chicken is great to grill outside on a weekend like this. You may want to consider a recipe for Chicken Caesar Salad from Karen and Brent Helleckson at Stone Cottage Cellars in Colorado.

Ingredients include a half-cup of Chardonnay.

Check out the recipe at http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/entree40.php.

If you have a recipe that uses wine as one of the ingredients you would like to share with the Wine Trail Traveler website, please contact me.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend,
Cheers, Kathy

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