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The Green Winegrowing Handbook

The Green Winegrowing Handbook was created by Paul Dolan Vineyards and Parducci Wine Cellars. Not only is this handbook about about organic and biodynamic vineyard practices but it is printed on 100% PCW Recycled Paper with Soy Inks. Obviously they practice what they talk about. The handbook is only 48 pages long including room for notes.

Being short means that it’s a quick reference and not one of those 3oo page books with a great title but long and onerous to read and put into practice. Chapter 1 is Sustainable Farming and Winemaking. Chapter 2 is entitled Organic Farming and Winemaking and Chapter 3 is Biodynamic Farming and Winemaking. Descriptions of several preparations used in Biodynamic farming are also discussed. These preparations described include Horn Manure, Horn Silica, Yarrow, Chamomile, Stinging Nettle, Oak Bark, Dandelion, Valerian and Horsetail. The glossary at the end of the handbook is descriptive of terms we often hear in relationship to organic and biodynamic concepts and is a quick reference for anyone who wants information about them.

Be sure to visit these websites to learn more about what they are doing in the organic and biodynamic sphere – www.parducci.com and www.pauldolanvineyards.com.

Cheers! kathy

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