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Try a Sparkling Wine or Champagne Anytime!

This weekend Terry decided to open a bottle of sparkling wine. I was excited, as I am decidedly a sparkling wine or Champagne lover and asked him “What are we celebrating?” He smugly replied, “Champagne is not a celebratory wine, it is a wine for any day.” It stopped me for a moment. Then I smiled. Yes, he’s absolutely right. A well-made Sparkling wine/Champagne is cleansing and pairs well with any food. It’s also great by itself.

This weekend’s sparkling wine was Christalino Brut Cava produced in Spain. It had 11.5 percent alcohol. It’s dry, citrus style paired perfectly with the spicy, white fish we barbecued outside.

The next time you choose a wine, why not go for a bottle of sparkling or Champagne?

Cheers! Kathy

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