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Fun News! Vineyards, Golf, Sheep and Goats

Happy July 4th! Hope you are enjoying a relaxing day, drinking a glass of wine – perhaps a fruity, crisp white Riesling and staying cool.

This morning I read one of our local online news stations wtop.com. They feature a section called Watercooler. An article ND golf course brings in weed-eating goatsis about goats eating grass on a golf course. It seems that the goats can be moved to different locations on the golf course as needed. The article is based on a full article at http://kfyrtv.com/News_Stories.asp?news=41248.  I am not a golfer so I’m wondering what most golfers think. Any golfers out there care to express an opinion?

Some vineyardists are already finding it useful to use Babydoll sheep in their vineyards to keep the weeds and grass under control. Navarro Vineyards in Mendocino County is using Babydoll sheep. Using certain types of sheep in vineyards is especially beneficial in vineyards that focus on organic farming.

Many people are concerned about energy usage today. Perhaps we need to step back into history and look at other ways to save energy. Me? I wouldn’t mind having a sheep or two instead of a lawnmower – somehow I don’t think my neighbors or homeowner’s association would approve. 🙂

Cheers! Kathy

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