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How to Keep More Bubbles in Your Champagne

Just in time for celebrating the New Year with Champagne or sparkling wine.

Have you ever wondered as you poured a flute of the sparkling Champagne if you were pouring it correctly? Were you wishing there might be more bubbles or that they might last a little longer? Some studies have been done that show the positive relationship between bubbles and the taste/aroma.

Infrequently we have heard that a slight etching on the bottom of the flute will increase the number of bubbles, however I have never met anyone who has said they tried it. Besides do you really want to possibly break or mutilate fine stemware?

Others proclaim that opening the bottle of Champagne properly is the key way to preserving the bubbles in this liquid gold.

In a recent press release the American Chemical Society (ACS) reports a study that was done involving the pouring of Champagne. The study looked at Champagne poured directly into the glass and poured with the glass tipped allowing the wine to dribble down the side of the glass. The results of the study show that pouring Champagne down the side of the glass will preserve more bubbles. To read more about the study, visit the American Chemical Society website.

A glass of the bubbly to everyone for 2011!

Cheers, Kathy

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