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Will It Be Possible to Carry Wine on Board Aircraft?

A University of California Davis chemistry prof, Professor Matthew Augustine, has developed the technology to check unopened liquid containers for their contents.

Several years ago, Professor Augustine designed a system to check wine quality without opening the wine bottle. A few years ago when terrorists began trying to take liquid bombs on board airplanes, Professor Augustine began wondering if he could invent something that would identify dangerous liquids. Eventually he invented a way to identify the chemical structure of liquids. According to the Sacramento Business Journal article, “UC Davis Professor’s Technology Could Improve Airport Security” by Melanie Turner, “Early tests showed the technology could distinguish gasoline or other dangerous liquids from innocuous substances, such as toothpaste.”

The technology is like a medical MRI machine. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is interested in this technology. A prototype will be built at UC Davis and Homeland Security has provided a contract to a firm who will work with the technology so it can easily be used in airports.

What are the benefits of this technology to fliers? Are there additional benefits for the wine industry?

Cheers! Kathy

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