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Visiting a Wine Festival? Buy a Bottle or Two of Wine

Shortly before Easter we traveled to several Charlottesville wineries. We were there to visit the Discover Virginia Festival. As we travel to regions we attempt to visit wineries. We had already visited and written about numerous wineries in this area of Virginia, but there were some new ones to visit. We spent a few days traveling from winery to winery to capture the stories from the owners and winemakers.

One winery owner mentioned to us that he lost money at wine festivals. People are there to taste/drink the wines but few people buy the wines. I was taken by surprise; after all, most wine festivals charge an entrance fee. Much of it most likely goes to setting up and advertising. In addition, in some if not all cases a winery pays a fee to participate in the festival. Why isn’t there a monetary incentive for the wineries that are participating? Maybe I’m missing something in the equation. But come on folks, here we have an item (wine) that is costly to produce and wineries are giving it away free! Shouldn’t their participation be encouraged by providing them with a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales?

How many businesses can afford to give away their products? For some wineries, it is a matter of marketing their brand but doesn’t that become expensive advertising?

As for festival goers, if you find a wine you like, buy a bottle or two. You can always share it with friends and family at another time!

Now for a little self-promotion -Wineries can advertise on Wine Trail Traveler.com for only $75 for an entire year. Sounds like a better deal to me!

Cheers! Kathy

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