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Green Vocabulary

Do you know all the “green” words being used today? These days it seems to be easy to throw around “green” words. It is certainly a way to capture a corner of the consumers market; appealing to those who are interested in supporting “green” businesses of all types. It also important to know what green words mean and to use them correctly.

At SVN Marketing, Susan Nickbarg has written definitions of eight green terms. In the article 8 Green Terms that Matter Most to Your Boss, Nickbarg has described in a few works the meaning of several “green” terms. Among these are some very familiar words such as organic but others that are not so well known include greenwash. If you aren’t using green vocabulary perhaps you should read the article on PR News at http://www.prnewsonline.com/features/8-Green-Terms-That-Matter-Most-to-Your-Boss_15098.html .

A comment on the article suggested the addition of “green economy.” I would suggest other terms to include would be biodiversity, sustainable, off the grid, LEED and I’m sure there are more. Perhaps Nickbarg will consider enlarging the list of green words to include many environmentally friendly terms.

Be sure to check out Nickbarg’s article, available at PRNews.



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