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When Lobbyists (wine, liquor or others) Go too Far

A recent article, “Liquor Lobby Gives $45,000 to Massachusetts Treasurer,” authored by Frank Phillips on boston.com notes that the money was from a September fundraiser for Grossman.

According to Phillips, Massachusetts “… state Treasurer Steve Grossman accepted $45,000 at a fund-raiser earlier this month from package store proprietors, bar owners, and liquor distributors, industries his office heavily controls and regulates.”

Lobbyists do play an important role in helping legislation to be formulated to address the concerns of groups and businesses. Legislatures and elected officials should be well informed on these needs and concerns. However, should lobbyists and special interest groups be allowed to donate large amounts of money to elected officials?

Phillips also noted that a Grossman aide maintains his decisions will not be affected by these donations. That sounds great but is that being realistic? It’s not as though everything is right or wrong. Those decisions that fall in the gray area, how will Grossman make those decisions. Be sure to read the article by Phillips for more details.

As far as I am concerned, Grossman would have been better off by not accepting the money raised. Voters should watch to see if his decisions are influenced by large donations.

Time and time again we hear about the money that lobbyists provide for elected officials. In the future will you vote for elected officials who you know have received large amounts of money from special interest groups?

Cheers! Kathy

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