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New Jersey Wineries and Wine Enthusiasts Need Your Help

The New Jersey State Assembly and Senate have passed legislation that will permit small wineries to ship to New Jersey residents. Only one step remains and that is for Governor Chris Christie to sign the bill!

An email I received today from Cava Winery & Vineyard in New Jersey noted the Governor has only until January 19 to sign the bill.

According to the UncorkNJ website, “Consumers from every legislative district sent a strong message to Assembly members about the benefits of the bill, specifically, that the legislation will ensure the future of the NJ wine industry, stimulate agri-tourism, preserve farmland, create jobs and bring additional tax and fee revenue to the state.” To learn more about the bill and to send a message to encourage Governor Christie to sign the bill visit UncorkNJ’s website. (Be sure to read the post dated January 10, 2011 titled Historic Victory for NJ Wine Growers and Consumers.)

Hopefully Governor Christie recognizes the benefits of direct wine shipping and will sign the bill before the deadline. If he does not, the legislative process must begin again!

Cheers! Kathy

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