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Easy Recipe for Valentine’s Day!

Make dinner special tonight! Check out this recipe for Valentine’s Day! It is really quite easy! This old family recipe uses pears and red wine! More recipes are available at http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/food.php
and at http://food.winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/foodrecipes.php

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Pears in Red Wine


4 firm ripe pears
2 c dry red wine
1 c sugar
1 c water
1 small piece of stick cinnamon
Rind of ½ lemon, cut in thin strips


1. Peel pears.
2. Bring wine, sugar, water, cinnamon and lemon to a boil.
3. Add pears and poach until they are tender.
4. Remove pears and simmer the liquid until it is reduced to ½ its original quantity.
5. Pour over pears.
6. Serve warm, or chill until ready to serve.

Provided by Sullivan family

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