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What’s a Summer Weekend without Sangria?

Sangria is a great summer time beverage. Fruity and full of life Sangria provides a delightful drink for the patio or porch.  Sangrias can be made with red or white wine. We have discovered Sangria recipes and posted them on the Wine Trail Traveler recipe section.

Hint: Especially with hot weather drink plenty of water when enjoying alcoholic beverages.

To make it easy here are three Sangria recipes below. More are available at http://winetrailtraveler.com/recipes/food.php#Beverages

Texas Legato Sangria (using Merlot)
provided by Texas Legato, Lampasas, Texas


2 cups Texas Legato Sweet Surrender (a Merlot)
2 cups Cranberry Juice
2 cups Sprite
1½ cups Orange Juice
Add any fruit you enjoy


Viognier Sangria
Provided by Chumeia Vineyards, Paso Robles, California.


One Bottle Chumeia Viognier
½ c each white grape juice, apple juice, orange juice
¼ c Spanish brandy
¼ c Triple Sec
2 shots Gin
1 c Citrus flavored soda (Sprite or 7-up)

For garnish: cut ¼” pieces of red apple, orange rind, green apple and lemon rind.


1. Mix wine, fruit juices, brandy, triple sec and gin together. Chill mixture.
2. Add citrus soda and garnish just before serving.

Pickering Winery Sangria (made with Marechal Foch)
Provided by Pickering Winery, Pennsylvania


1/2 bottle of Marechal Foch
1/2 lemon sliced
1/2 orange sliced
1/2 apple sliced
1/4 c sugar
2 shots Gin
16 oz Ginger Ale


  1. Mix wine, sugar, Gin and Ginger Ale until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add fruit
  3. Chill

Some wineries produce bottled Sangria. The next time you visit your local winery, check and see if they have one available.





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