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Tin Lizzie Wineworks Kicks Off Fall Winemaking

Grapes Arrive at Tin Lizzie Wineworks

Yesterday, we visited Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland where we discovered a lot of excitement. Lugs of grapes had arrived including Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Syrah.

Two groups were crushing their grapes. The lugs of grapes from California were in pristine condition. It was interesting seeing the grapes side by side. One could compare the size of the grape and the size of the clusters of each variety.

Participants in each group listened carefully as Dave Zuchero, winemaker and owner of Tin Lizzie Wineworks, explained each step. Dave carefully detailed each step and why it is done. When participating in making a barrel of wine, participants take turns in each step of the process.

One of the benefits of making wine at Tin Lizzie is that participants can share the cost of making wine among several people. When the bottling of the wine is completed, the members share the 21 cases of wine.

Mike and Janine Cook were also on hand helping out. Mike helped the groups dumping the grapes from a lug to the destemmer. Janine worked in the lab, testing the juice and preparing the winemaking items to be added to the fermentation bins. The Cooks are gaining practical experience. They are planting a vineyard next year and plan to open a winery.

The number of wineries in Maryland continues to increase, in part due to a more favorable attitude toward them in Annapolis. The state is seeing an increase in the number of acres of new vineyards planted. Vineyards help to keep an area agricultural since they usually last for decades.

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