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“A Wine Journey” Available Soon

We began writing A Wine Journey early in the spring of 2012. Last week we sent it to the publisher and it is on its way to the design department. We hope to have an image of the book cover soon! We will receive a proof copy for any small changes and then the book will be printed.

A Wine Journey consists of more than 160 pages with 14 chapters that look at the wine journey of Kathy and Terry as they navigated their way through wine tastings, numerous books, winemaking, education and travel. Numerous anecdotes are entertaining. Everyone can create their own personal wine journey and focus on what interests them the most. We hope that this book inspires readers to learn more about the delightful world of wine.

From Chapter 1 of A Wine Journey

While talking to hundreds of winemakers, we discovered that many were related to someone who made wine either at a winery or at home. Often it was a parent or grandparent who was also a winemaker. Occasionally, it was an uncle. One Italian winemaker told us that if you are in an Italian family and someone in the family does not make wine, find another Italian family. Terry did not have to look far to find a family member who was an avid home winemaker. Orville Dowey, Uncle Hun to Terry, lived most of his life in Carrolltown, Pennsylvania. He spent time in Europe during World War II. Uncle Hun enjoyed making wine and soda. Terry remembers the root beer soda. It was the best root beer soda he ever tasted, and the brands on the grocery store shelf did not measure up. …

Anyone who is interested in more information about the book, A Wine Journey can contact me at Kathy (at) winetrailtraveler.com.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Cheers, Kathy

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