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Video of Grape Crush for a 2012 Barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon

On Saturday we spent the morning crushing our grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon) at Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland. We’ve already been asked a couple of times if we stomped the grapes with our feet! The answer is no, no and no! Our son-in-law then added that he would like a bottle of our wine when it is ready in two years.

The grapes had arrived from California’s Napa Valley. Despite the long distance, the grapes arrived in wonderful condition, not a spot of mold or rot. Of course, they were very cold and we had to wait until Sunday to add the yeast. Terry wrote a comprehensive blog on the Winemaking site about our experience on Saturday. He also created a short free video. Hope you check it out to see what it’s like to make your own barrel of wine.

Cheers! Kathy

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