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Brunch with Tasters Guild at Elkridge Furnace Inn

Brunch at Elkridge Furnace Inn

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is an historic building that has been carefully restored by Chef Wecker. The details in the woodwork, beautiful chandeliers all added to the experience.

Upon arriving at the restaurant we were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and several delicious tidbits including: Petite Spinach Quiche, Ratatouille in Tartlettes and Petite Croissants. The sparkling wine was a Willm Cremant D’Alsace, Blanc de Noirs. This sparkling wine from the Alsace region of France was made with the Pinot Noir grape. The light straw color had green apple and citrus on the aroma and taste.

The Tasters Guild members had the opportunity to toast each other and mingle. We were introduced to an unusual and delightful way to toast when there are many people involved. One person begins the toast and touches the wine glass of the person next to him and that person clicks the glass of the next person and so on. Doing a toast this way is quick and efficient and more importantly it alleviates the awkwardness of trying to toast everyone.

Brunch Menu

The starter for the brunch was Foie Gras with French Toast and Sweet/Sour Berries served with Roederer Estate ‘Anderson Valley’ Brut Rose. The wine is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. To add color, the winemaker adds some additional Pinot Noir wine prior to the secondary fermentation. This effervescent salmon colored wine had many bubbles and a large amount of foam when it was poured. The starter was a delightful food combination.

The main dish was a succulent salmon filet with a garlic thyme sauce, Potato Galette, Housemade Sausage and Brioche served with Hericot Verts Nicholas Feuillatte Brut, Chouilly Epernay. The straw colored wine was a blend of Pinot Munier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It offered hints of apple on the aroma and taste.

Dessert was Fresh Fruit Sabayon served with a Santa Margherita ‘Valdobbiadene’ Prosecco Superiore. The straw colored wine was made from the Glera grape and paired well with the fruit.

All the sparkling wines were palate cleansing and paired well with the different courses.

Cheers! Kathy



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