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Ten New Year’s Wine Resolutions

It’s only the first week of 2013, so it’s not too late to begin and keep New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  1. Make a list of the wineries in your local area. During 2013 visit some of these nearby wineries and discover what types of wines they produce.
  2. Plan to attend at least one winery event in 2013 and discover the experience
  3. Introduce a friend to a local winery.
  4. Take a small journal or notebook when visiting wineries for notes about the wines you taste. It’s never too late to start.
  5. Revisit a winery you have not been to recently.
  6. Purchase good (not necessarily expensive) wine glasses for enjoying wine at home.
  7. Host a vertical wine tasting.
  8. Discover five new grape varietals this year.
  9. Relax and enjoy wine. Wine is not only about the taste but the experience. Take time to enjoy family, friends, food and wine.
  10. Begin or add to your wine library. Consider purchasing A Wine Journey.

We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!
Cheers, Kathy and Terry

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