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A Day at Serpent Ridge Vineyard

A Day at Serpent Ridge Vineyard

Serpent Ridge Vineyard, Maryland

Yesterday we met great folks at Serpent Ridge Vineyard, located a few minutes outside of Baltimore. The weather was delightful, sunny with a light breeze – perfect for a Sunday drive to the winery.

In addition to signing our book, A Wine Journey, we spent quite a bit of time talking and learning about the visitors’ wine stories.

One couple we met are home winemakers and recounted the numerous wines they have made at home including wines made from grapes, fruits and juice. They also belong to a wine club whose members are home winemakers. They gather together several times a year for dinners and or meetings. They talk about their winemaking techniques. On occasion they bring one varietal wine they have made and compare the wines with others.

This must be a great entertaining and learning experience. Wine does provide a commonality among people. How many other things have the conviviality of wine? Wine is something to be enjoyed: a food/drink, social, history, art, science, viticulture, and math.

There are many home winemakers in the United States. If you are a home winemaker, why not start a wine club for home winemakers? If you are interested in becoming a home winemaker, look for home winemakers in your region and join a group. Winemakers are a friendly group of people and most are willing to share information and suggestions with others.

Many thanks Serpent Ridge Winery for hosting our book signing and to everyone who stopped by to talk with us about our wine journey and related their own wine journeys to us.

Serpent Ridge Vineyard Events

Be sure to check Serpent Ridge Vineyard for special events. In addition to First Friday events, they also have special events including an upcoming yoga class. In the past they have had Wine Glass Painting classes and are looking forward to scheduling more.

Cheers! Kathy


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