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Arriving at BWI for the Drink Local Wine Conference

On Thursday morning, people were already arriving at the BWI airport for the Drink Local Conference in Baltimore. While not everyone can attend the Drink Local Wine Conference this weekend for a variety of reasons be sure to check out the wineries in your region. When visiting wineries in your region ask about terroir, grape varieties, vineyard management and wine/winery history. Also discover which states have designated wine months.

Wine lovers who want to celebrate drink local wine and not attending this 2013 conference can choose this weekend to visit a local winery in their local area or ask for a local wine when visiting a restaurant. While drinking local wines look for similarities and differences. Wine varies depending on the weather, terroir, vineyard management and winemaking techniques. Enjoy the similarities and differences.

We encourage you to describe the wines and to use the techniques that many sommeliers use. Describe the wines as you find them. To use a generic turn like good or bad does not help anyone. If you like a wine describe why you like the wine; if you don’t like a wine describe why you do not like it or if it has a fault what is the fault.


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