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Celebrating the New Year with Champagne or Sparkling Wine Includes an Excise Tax

State Excise Tax Rates on Champagne & Sparkling Wine

State Excise Tax Rates on Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Tonight as you celebrate the New Year with a glass of Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or any sparkling wine, your enjoyment may be with one of the last purchases of 2013 with an excise tax. Of course, how much of a tax on that glass of Champagne is dependent on the state in which you live.

In a blog post, Richard Borean from the Tax Foundation has provided a map of the US showing the excise tax on Champagnes and sparkling wines for each state. The difference in the excise taxes for sparkling wines is staggering. Are people punished for enjoying sparkling wine? For example, Florida excise tax includes $3.50 per gallon of sparkling wine. That is $.70 more per bottle of sparkling wine. On the other end of the spectrum the California excise tax is only $.30 per gallon with only $.06 per bottle. A pdf provides an even more detailed chart with information for each state including excise tax on wine, excise tax on sparkling wine, other tax categories and general sales tax.

A sparkling wine can be a great addition to any meal; in my opinion it should not be used just as a celebratory beverage.

Should all excise taxes be the same throughout the US? It would be great but the last thing most people want is more federal regulations. What would you suggest?

Cheers! Kathy and Terry

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