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During the Severe Cold Weather Stay Warm Cooking

Personally, I think that one of the best things one can do when it’s cold is to get busy in the kitchen. I remember growing up and when the schools were closed because of snow, my parents would make deep-fried doughnuts. Yum, they were good! Those times continue to bring back good memories.

Cooking and eating warms the heart, fills the stomach and adds heat to the kitchen from the oven, crock-pot or stovetop. Today I’m making Ham Pot Pie in a large crock-pot. This is a recipe that has changed overtime. Perhaps I’ll even add a little wine to it for some extra flavor and serve the wine for dinner. Any extra wine I can add to my wine vinegar crock.

If you aren’t into cooking, just make a mulled wine in a crock-pot. Another idea is to make a simple box cake and add a little wine to it. Check out the Mulled Apple Wine and Mulled Wine recipes on this website. Cake recipes with fruit wines can be delicious. Look for Blackberry Wine Cake, Muscadine Cake, Audrey’s Niagara Wine Cake and Blackberry Bramble Cake recipes. These dessert recipes are also online.

If you are looking for some recipe ideas for cold winter days, check out the recipes on the Wine Trail Traveler website. Included categories are breakfast, entrées, vegetables and appetizers.

Do you have a favorite recipe for cold, winter days?

Stay warm!

Cheers, Kathy

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A Wine Tourist’s Guide: Visiting Tasting Rooms

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