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Five Steps to Enjoying a Visit to a Winery and Tasting Room

Cambria Estate Winery Santa Maria, California

Cambria Estate Winery
Santa Maria, California

Below are five suggested steps to feeling comfortable when visiting a winery and tasting room.

1. For anyone planning to visit a winery tasting room, be sure to checkout the winery’s website. However, a substantial number of wineries do not have a website but put their efforts into a Facebook page, so if you don’t find a website check other social media sites.

Why? Most winery websites have hours and days open; but many also offer the background of the winery, the owner and the winemaker. Websites also frequently have the wines listed with a description of the wine and sometimes pairings for the wine. By learning a little about the winery, you can take part in some stimulating conversations with staff and other visitors.

2. To avoid disappointment, check ahead to find out if you need an appointment.

3. So you don’t get caught by surprise, find out if there is a tasting fee. Some wineries have tasting fees but if wine is purchased they waive the tasting fee.

4. Almost any kind of dress wear is acceptable.  With all of the wineries we’ve been to we have seen everything from business casual to shorts and t-shirts. If you are planning on touring the winery or vineyard, wear comfortable footwear.

5. Many wineries have an area where visitors can enjoy a picnic basket from home. According to the law, wineries are not allowed to have any other alcohol on their property, so keep this in mind when packing your picnic and plan to buy a bottle of wine.

If you want to know more about tasting room etiquette, purchase a copy of our book, A Wine Tourist’s Guide: Visiting Tasting Rooms


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