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Pre-Harvest Instruction Session at Messina Hoff


Messina Hof's annual harvest festival in Texas!

Messina Hof’s annual harvest festival in Texas!

Each year at Messina Hof Winery & Resort in Bryan, Texas near Texas A & M, the winery offers the opportunity for wine lovers to engage in a harvest of the grapes.

This morning after breakfast participants went to the event room located over the Messina Hof’s Vintage House Restaurant to receive instructions on how to harvest grapes. A slide presentation was provided by Paul, the son of Paul and Merrill Bonnargio, owners of the winery. Paul opened the session with a Texas “Howdy” and everyone responded.

Paul provided moments of humor during the session and described the wine journey of his parents as well as mentioning the beginning of Messina Hof Winery & Resort and how Paul and Merrill met.

Many items of interest were included in Paul’s presentation including:

  • Paul and Merrill met while he was trying to sell his house. Merrill was the realtor.
  • The vineyards were first planted with 50 grape varieties to discover what grapes grow well in the region.
  • A slide was presented showing the major grape growing regions of Texas.
  • Paul talked about grapevines, the investment and the hard work involved in vineyards.
  • Paul noted, “Harvest is the joyest time of the year.”
  • A thorough demonstration of how to harvest a grape bunch was included with safety precautions.

Our group of between 100 and 200 quickly went to the vineyards and began harvesting Lenoir grapes. These grapes will be used in making Messina Hof’s port-style wines.


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