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Visit the Vintner’s Collective in Napa Valley

The Vintner’s Collective in Napa Valley has survived since 1875. Last month’s earthquake did some heavy damage to this 19th century building; however, they will be able to rebuild. According to their Facebook page, until the building is repaired they will operate around the corner at their office/warehouse.

Check out this special: The ReBuilding 3 Pack

 “We love our building… the 1875 treasure that is filled with memories of great times! The early reports from engineers who have visited indicate that we can rebuild! To celebrate, we’d love to give you one of our 3 packs with the image of our building for free as a keepsake. Just pay the shipping and we’ll send it your way!

If you would like to purchase 3 bottles of wine for your 3-pack, we will use the profits to rebuild, which includes giving a portion to Mike Black, who owns our building and has been a great friend to us over the years. Thanks for supporting us!”

More information about The ReBuilding 3 Pack  is available at https://www.vintnerscollective.com/e/v/9dac22bf76755ee3.

The old Pfeiffer building in Napa, California has stories to tell from its beginning in 1875 through 2014. The building was built with stone by Bavarian Philip Pfeiffer who wanted a brewery. In 1879 Gotthelp Barth purchased the brewery and expanded it.  Two years later in 1881 a fire  destroyed the expansion. The brewery was stopped and turned into the Stone Saloon. A brothel for the well-to-do occupied the second floor of the saloon.

Beginning in 1918 the building was occupied by different businesses and at one it served as a home.  Other business since 1918 have included: an Italian grocery, Fred Peper  Saloon, Betterchix Hatchery, Sam Key Laundry and Andrew’s Meat Co. In 2002 the Vintner’s Collective took over the premises.

At first glance it might seem that with all of the wineries in Napa Valley a wine shop would be overlooked. However, the Vintner’s Collective offers Napa Valley wines from wineries where appointments might be required or wineries that may not have their own tasting rooms.

The Vintner’s Collective is open 11am to 6pm every day. The wine shop has four tasting to choose from.

  • Enthusiast Pathfinder (no appointment necessary) $10
  • Connoisseur, Scout             (no appointment necessary) $30
  • Collector, Explorer            (appointment only) $65
  • Aficionado, Trailblazer (appointment only) $95

The list of wineries working with   the Vintner’s Collective include:

  • Ancien Wines
  • Azur
  • Big Boy Cabernets
  • Buoncristiani
  • Clark-Claudon Vineyards
  • D Cubed
  • Flanagan
  • Gemella Wines
  • JC Cellars
  • Krupp Brothers
  • Lamborn Family Vineyards
  • Las Bonitas
  • Longfellow
  • Melka Wines
  • Mi Sueño Winery
  • Parallel
  • Richard Perry
  • Roy Estate
  • Tela
  • Tournesol
  • Vinoce

The next time we visit Napa Valley we hope to stop by the Vintner’s Collective.



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