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Should the Special Anniversary Have Celebrated with Italian or Swiss Wine?

At one time, I considered traveling to Switzerland to discover what the Swiss wine industry has to offer. I put it on the back burner for a while.

However, the idea came back to me as I read an article on Wine-Searcher, “Swiss Air Force Drops a Bomb Over Italian Wine.” It seems that the Swiss are very proud of their wines. Most winemakers are very proud of the wines they produce. Winemakers keep an eye on their wines just like parents do their children.

In brief, the Wine-Searcher article is about how the Swiss Air Force aerobatic team celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving their staff Italian wine. Obviously some if not all of the Swiss industry has been offended.  Click the link to the article and find out what wine was given to the Swiss staff and the reaction.

For me, I’ll have to ponder visiting Switzerland again. I think it would be a wonderful experience to taste and write about the grape varieties and the wineries of Switzerland. Then again I wouldn’t object to a return visit to Italy!


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