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The Smithsonian Channel: United States of Drinking on November 20

The Smithsonian Channel will air United States of Drinking, a one hour special on November 20. The show will air at 8pm ET.

The show will begin with host Josh Ozersky in rural Virginia where traditional moonshine is being made. The next stop will be in Washington, DC at distillery and the journey continues throughout the country.

According to the press release, “In UNITED STATES OF DRINKING, Ozersky explores how culture, science and history all come together in some of America’s favorite drinks, including moonshine, distilled spirits, beer, wine, and cocktails. Along the way, he meets with some of America’s top moonshiners, brew masters, vintners, craft distillers and mixologists, and goes behind the scenes to deconstruct the process and sample their wares on his hunt for the quintessential American drink. He also checks in with growers, historians, lab scientists, and those masterfully skilled in the art of mixology.”

Wine and other alcoholic drinks can be fascinating for those who take time to look at the culture and history of wine. I am looking forward to viewing United States of Drinking on November 20 to discover other unique aspects of wine and more.

Some of you may know of Josh Ozersky as he has written The Hamburger: A History. He is also an editor for Esquire. Ozersky has made tv appearances on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Iron Chef America.


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