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Host a Home Party with a Difference


Home Party: Host an Author

Home Party: Host an Author Talk

Why not try a new approach to home parties? Be a Host for an Author Talk: the Birthplace of Wine.

Recently friends of ours hosted us for an Author Talk: the Birthplace of Wine in their home. During the presentation a Georgian wine tasting was served. Our hosts provided snacks and beverages.

This was a small group of 14 people who asked questions and stopped to talk after the presentation. The Wine Trail Traveler books were available for purchase at the end of the event. We inscribed several books.

Want to invite friends or neighbors to your home and need a reason to do it. Consider being a Host for An Author Talk. Contact us at kathy@winetrailtraveler.com. Make your next home event special by offering a stimulating presentation by authors, Kathy and Terry Sullivan who have co-authored three books.

This is an opportunity to learn about the land that has seen 8,000 vintages of wine without flying 6,000 miles. A land that was producing wine thousands of years before Greece, Italy, Spain and France. Terry and Kathy Sullivan will share a multi-media presentation about the birthplace of wine.

Wine Trail Traveler provides:

  • projector
  • wine glasses for the event
  • cocktail napkins
  • paper coasters
  • one bottle of wine for the event
  • thank you gift for the host

Hosts provide:

  • guests
  • location
  • seating
  • snack/appetizers if desired

If you are interested being a host for an Author Talk, contact us at kathy@winetrailtraveler.com

Kathy and Terry

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