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Craft Beverages Unlimited

Craft Beverages Unlimited 2015

Craft Beverages Unlimited 2015

Arriving about 45 minutes before the opening session of the Craft Beverages Unlimited 2015 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, we discovered it was very easy and quick to pick up our badges and conference information. We then headed to the opening session.

Trends in Beer, Wine, and Spirits

The first session everyone could attend was titled Trends in Beer, Wine, and Spirits by Danelle Kosmal, VP of Nielsen’s Beverage Alcohol Practice who began with a fun fact to start off her talk. “Alcohol ‘fun facts’ to kick off the morning session. “In 2014, how many new items did Nielsen track in Beer/Wine/Sprits? Answer: 10,441.

As might be expected from a Nielsen speaker, Danelle spoke about the statistics of the beer, wine

Danelle presents Trends

Danelle presents “Trends in Beer, Wine, and Spirits”

and spirits industry. For example, when she noted that $211 billion is spent by consumers on alcoholic beverages. Of this $77 billion is spent on spirits, $31 billion for wine and $103 billion for beer. However, spirits and wine are gaining with younger generations driving the shifts.

For those interested in the hard cider industry, cider is small but grew by 67% in 2014. The renaissance of whiskey is driving spirit gains. Bourbon, Irish, and rye are up by double digits. Buying local beverages is very important or somewhat important for 22% of spirits respondents, 33% of wine respondents and 44% of beer respondents.

Danelle summarized her presentation:

  • high-end is a driving growth factor
  • variety and ability to experiment with flavors, styles and taste is key
  • Leverage seasonal, blends and flavors to meet ongoing needs for variety and “new”
  • While still small, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer and deliveries apps will gain traction.

The presentation by Danelle provided a good look at the statistics driving the wine, beer and spirits industries.



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