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What the Craft Beverages Unlimited Trade Show Offered Attendees

The annual Craft Beverages Unlimited (once known as Wineries Unlimited) offers an extensive trade show for anyone involved in the wine, beer and distillery industries.

The trade show provides a look at many different aspects of a craft beverage operation including winemaking, vineyard management, tasting room paraphernalia as well as beer making and distilling.

This past week at the Crafts Beverages Unlimited in Richmond, Virginia winemakers could browse and talk with the purveyors of corks, wine bottles, wine bottle labels and wine additives. Well known brand names and obscure names were all in attendance. Easily recognized names included Nomacorc and Laffort.

Anyone involved with vineyard management had the opportunity to view large equipment, grapevine as well as trellising systems.

Wine tasting managers could view a plethora of wine-related giftware. Another item was a full court bocce set up. It was fun to watch some of the people playing enthusiastically.

Those interested in distilling could view a medium-sized copper still. Many participating in the trade show offered equipment or services that winemakers, brewers and distillers could utilize.

Each trade show participant could talk with a business representative who was quick to answer questions and provide details including contact information.

If you have never been to a trade show before, the availability of seeing an array of products is interesting and a great way to see a variety of products in one spot.

Watch for the 2016 Craft Beverages Unlimited in February!



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