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Discover Texas Wine Country in 2015!


Spicewood Vineyards, TX

With more than 8,000 wineries in the US, many are springing into an array of activities to entice people to visit and try their wines. A wide range of wines and events occur throughout the year but spring is a great time to start your very own wine journey. Check out our first book, A Wine Journey.

You will find boutique and large wineries. Each winery has its own uniqueness, wines and many have special events or ongoing events.

Texas Legato

Texas Legato tasting room

Texas, with more than 200 wineries, is one of the largest wine producing states although well below the number of wineries in California, Oregon and Washington. Texas boasts many wine trails. While some of the trails have wineries close to each other, others such as the Way Out Wineries take a considerable amount of driving to reach. Each winery has its own ambiance; when traveling or vacationing in Texas be sure to check out the wineries near you.

Fredericksburg Winery

Fredericksburg Winery, Texas

The Texas Department of Agriculture has a great website: Go Texan Wine. The website includes wine trails and other important information about the Texas wine industry. It also has a fun Texas wine personality wheel to spin to find your wine personality!

We have been fortunate to visit about 50 of these Texas wineries in three regions: southeast, north and central.

Messina Hof

Messina Hof Winery & Resort

Wine Trail Traveler articles with photos are available online.

Discover Texas wine country in 2015!


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