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Lobster Bisque Recipe with Chardonnay from J Vineyards

Check out this recipe from J Vineyards & Winery located in Healdsburg, California.

Lobster Bisque


3 oz Clarified Butter
1 lb Mirepoix, small dice
2 lb Lobster Shells, excluding the claws
2 oz Tomato Paste
4 oz Brandy
1 bottle J Chardonnay
4 qts Water Sachet
2 Bay Leaves
2 Tbl Whole Peppercorns
1 bunch Parsley Stems

To Finish
2 cups Cream
½ cup Brandy
Juice Of 2 Lemons
2 Tbl Salt
2½ pints Butter, cold and cubed
Salt and White Pepper to taste


Caramelize the mirepoix and lobster shells in the butter. Add the tomato paste and sauté lightly. Add the brandy and flambé. Add the J Chardonnay. Deglaze and reduce the liquid by half. Add the water and sachet and simmer for 1–1½ hours, skimming occasionally. Strain, discarding the sachet and reserving the liquid and solids. Purée the solids and return them to the liquid.

Return to a simmer and cook 10 minutes. Strain the bisque through a fine chinois lined with cheesecloth. Return the bisque to a simmer. Add the cream, brandy, lemon juice, and salt and bring to a boil. Whisk in butter. Adjust the seasoning to taste.



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