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Wines of Uruguay and Bodegas Carrau

Wines of Uruguay

Wines of Uruguay

I mentioned in an earlier blog about the Wines of Uruguay tasting in Washington, DC in May. The Uruguay wineries who are members of the Wines of Uruguay are looking forward to getting more of their wines exported to other countries including the United States.

Below are a few more facts about Uruguay’s wine industry:

  • Uruguay’s history of wine growing began  when the Spanish brought grapevines to the area in the 1700s.
  • Uruguay lays claim to being the world’s largest producer of Tannat
  • The Tannat variety does exceptionally well in the climate and soil
  • 220 days of sunny weather provides a long time period for the grapes to ripen.

According to a brochure from the tasting event, the top three countries Uruguay exports to include Brazil, United States and Canada. However exports are only at 5%.

“According to Yale and Columbia Universities’ 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index, only Finland and Norway rang higher than Uruguay for the purest vineyard environment in the world.”

Isn’t it time you started asking for a wine from Uruguay?

62215Bodegas CarrauBodegas Carrau

The family of Bodegas Carrau began making wine in 1752 in Catalonia, Spain. A document signed by a Notary Republic dates the ownership of the first family vineyard to April 2, 1752. In 1888 the winery in Catalonia received its first gold medal in an international exhibition in Barcelona.

The family established the vineyards in Uruguay in 1930. The winery continues to be a family winery owned by five brothers.

At the Uruguay wine tasting we tasted the Sauvignon Blanc sur lees 2013. The yellow color wine offered lemon grass. citrus and mineral notes. The taste was crisp with a medium-full body. Tannat 2007 was a dark ruby color. The wine had licorice, dark fruit notes and bold tannins. The aftertaste was creamy and fruity.

Wine Tourism at Bodegas Carrau

The winery offers three different types of visits for tourists. People  need reservations but can choose between: Visit with Tasting, Great Tasting Booking and Bodega Cerro Chapeu-Rivera. The first two options are available Monday thru Friday. The Bodega Cerro Chapeu-Rivera is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To learn more about Bodegas Carrau  check out their comprehensive website.


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