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Take A Trolley Ride to North Carolina Wineries

North Carolina has numerous wineries both boutique size and larger. Some are the “mom and pop” size where the owners are dabbling seriously in making their own wines and offering visitors a relaxing time. Other wineries are seriously into producing wine and making a big business out of it. In either of these cases, wine enthusiasts are likely to discover that the international grapes are grown in the west while many wineries in eastern North Carolina are growing and making wines with international grapes and muscadine grapes

In western North Carolina most of the wineries are small. However, a recent news item was about visiting a few wineries in July by trolley. Two organizations, The Trolley Company and the French Broad Vignernons, are working together to provide these opportunities.

Check the details and dates below. Tickets are available online.

Catawba Valley Wine Trail

  • Includes four wineries: Lake James Cellars, South Creek Winery, Silver Fork Winery, Belle Nicho Winery
  • Five tastings at each winery
  • Silver Fork Winery will include a cheese service

Dates: July 16, July 24, July 31

The Elevations Wine Trail

  • Includes three wineries: Burntshirt Vineyards, Parker-Binns Vineyards, Mountain Brook Vineyards
  • Experience major altitude changes
  • Five tastings at each winery
  • Parker-Binns Vineyard will provide a cheese service

Dates: July 15, July 23, July 29

The Gourmet Wine Trail

  • Includes: Three vineyard visits: St Paul Mountain Vineyards, Addison Farms Vineyard, Fontaine Vineyards
  • Five tastings at each winery
  • St Paul Mountain Vineyards will serve a hard cider
  • Addison Farms Vineyard will provide a cheese service

Dates: July 17, July 22, July 30

If you are planning to visit  North Carolina in July, try taking a trolley trip to wineries! Sounds like fun to me! Also check out the numerous articles about wineries in North Carolina here.


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