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Funding for a New Study to Help Research Benefit the Wine Industry

Do you ever wonder about the research that you read about in the news? Is the research legitimate? Who was it funded by, did they have a vested interest in certain results? However despite research that might not be adequate, there are other wine research studies that could prove very relevant to those in the industry. Once completed a new proposed study should make research more available to benefit the wine industry.

We frequently read about wine studies that could benefit wineries, consumers and vineyards. But how easy is it for people in the wine industry to learn about the research and implement it. Hopefully to the rescue is a grant by the Australian Research Council (ARC) for how the wine industry can practically use research. Once completed the new proposed study should make research more easily available for the wine industry to access.

The Information Seeking and Research Adoption: Assessing Communication Strategies study will take place at Charles Sturt University. According to an article at the university, “It is designed to determine the best ways to communicate wine research and to design tools to support the industry in its adoption of research.”

The study, led by CSU Professor of Information Studies Lisa Given will be completed in two years. Professor Given noted, “We plan to assess the strategies used to share research with winemakers and grape growers, such as seminars, websites and social media, from information behaviour or web useability perspectives, to ensure industry needs are being appropriately met.

“This project aims to have a direct and immediate impact on the wine industry. In addition to the immediate impact of new research innovations that will be implemented by our partner wine companies, the project will also change industry-wide approaches to extension.”

Here at Wine Trail Traveler, we are looking forward to learning about the results of the study and to discovering the implications for the wine industry.


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