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Seven Tips for Summer Wine Tasting

As you enjoy wines this summer, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Whether tasting wine at a winery or drinking a glass of wine at a restaurant, remember to drink as much water as alcohol. Staying hydrated is an important part of enjoying wine.
  2. The ultimate wine experience involves the wine plus friends, family and food.
  3. No matter what type of wine you enjoy throughout the year, be sure to try some different types of wines during the summer. I suggest looking for white, light-bodied, crisp wines or try rosé wines when they are available. When we write about individual wines, we frequently will compare a summertime wine as paired with a “rocking chair on a porch” or a 3P “patio, porch, pool” wine. What wine would you enjoy on a patio with a few appetizers?
  4. Bubbly wines are great for the summer. Look for sparkling wine, cava, prosecco and champagne.
  5. While imbibing wine, enjoy it with food. Wine and food help to create an experience.
  6. Be sure to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend or two.
  7. If you are planning to purchase a bottle of wine, have a cooler in your car. A bottle of hot wine will be spoiled when you reach home. And no it’s not a wine fault. That’s why some wineries will not ship wine during the summer months. Another way to think of it is by answering this question, “What would happen if you left a box of chocolate in a hot car?“

Hope everyone is having a great summer.


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