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The Flying Winemaker of Chile and Argentina

Montes wines from Chile

Montes wines from Chile

One of the Wine Discovery sessions at the Wine Bloggers Conference 2015 was “Wines Across the Andes” by Montes Wines.

The Montes winery owners are also known as flying winemakers. In this enthusiastic presentation by Aurelio Montes del Camp,  winery owner and winemaker, Montes takes a close look at the original Montes winery and vineyards in Chile and the later established Kaiken winery in Argentina.

The Montes family and partners are passionate about wine. Aurelio noted that when you make wine it is teamwork. The Montes winery was established in the central region of Chile in 1988. Describing Chile as long and narrow, Montes said that it is the width of the country where the temperature varies between cold and warm. He emphasized that the region has no phylloxera, no downy mildew, no Pierce’s disease and little summer rain. It normally rains in the winter. Due to its close location between the Andes and the ocean, this region is a virtual paradise. Aurelio said that they were the first winery to plant on the hillsides. The vineyards are farmed with sustainable methods.

At the winery, Aurelio has an unusual aspect to his barrel room. The barrel room is filled with the sound of Gregorian chants.

Montes at Work in the Community

Montes winery works with the community. They support the Millahue de Apalta School where the children of workers can study. The winery helps with language, communications and math. The winery also helps students obtain high school diplomas with the Study Completion program.

The Montes family enjoys flying. Flying over the Andes Mountains in 2001 Aurelio saw land that would be ideal for establishing vineyards. Eventually the Argentina winery Kaiken was established by the Montes in 2002.

Kaiden wine, Argentina

Kaiken wine, Argentina

Kaiken Winery in Argentina

Kaiken winery in Argentina is on the other side of the Andes from Montes winery. Montes noted that from the Andes the land extends basically flat for about 1000 miles.  The eastern area is too warm for good wine. The best wines come from central region and Uco Valley. The vineyards included a vineyard that is 105 years old. The most extreme vineyard is mountainous with huge boulders. In the winery, the barrel room has a Feng Shui Philosophy.

Have you tried wines by Montes or Kaiken yet? Montes wines and Kaiken wines should be on your radar when shopping for quality wines.


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