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Celebrate National Braai Day: September 24

Indaba Wines from South Africa

Indaba Wines from South Africa

A couple of weeks ago I learned about a National Day known as National Braai Day celebrated every September 24. After my interest in National Braai Day began, I received a package of special spice for barbecuing chicken and two bottles of wine produced by Indaba, a winery in South Africa.

About National Braai Day

On September 24 people gather with friends and family around a fire with South African-style foods and wines from South Africa.

According to the press release I received, “Braai (pronounced, ‘Brye’), the earliest archeological evidence of barbecue, is a key component of South African culture. More than just a way of preparing a meal, braai evokes a spirit of communion that brings folks together as they enjoy food cooked over a flame.”

Originally September 24 was declared as a Heritage Day to honor Zulu King Shaka. King Shaka was known for uniting clans (Zulu) into a united country. Each year the people of South Africa are encouraged to share their heritage, light a fire, cook a feast and wave a flag. National Heritage Day was renamed National Braai Day in an attempt to focus more attention on the importance of braai to the culture of South Africa.

A website is devoted to National Braai Day. The website compares National Braai Day to France’s Bastille Day, America’s Thanksgiving Day and Australia Day.

South African wine varieties to look for in the United States include: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. White varieties available include: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. So whether you are of South African origin or not, plan a toast to South Africa with a wine from South Africa.

The Indaba Wine Package

Barbecue for National Braai Day

Barbecue for National Braai Day

The barbecue spice was slightly hot and we used it to barbecue chicken on the grill. It added a slight warmth of spice to the chicken without making it too spicy hot. The Chenin Blanc paired very nicely with the grilled chicken.

The grapes for both Indaba wines were sourced from the Western Cape Appellation of South Africa. The white wine from Indaba was a 2015 Chenin Blanc. The wine was a light yellow color with intense floral and fruit aromas. The taste was of honeysuckle, yellow stone fruit, mineral and citrus. The mouthfeel was smooth. The finish was crisp and fruity with the fruit yielding to mineral.

A few days later we opened the bottle of Indaba 2014 Mosaic. The wine was a dark ruby to black colored wine with an aroma of a black fruit cocktail. The taste offered blackberries, black cherry, cassis, silky tannins and a medium/full body. The finish was crisp and fruit forward. Consider pairing this wine with barbecue foods or beef dishes.

About Indaba Wines

Indaba was established in 1996. The word Indaba is a Zulu word meaning “a meeting of the minds.” Traditionally it referred to tribal leaders gathering together to share ideas. Today the winemaker is Bruwer Raats.

Indaba: A Sense of Social Responsibility 

In addition to producing wines in South Africa, the winery also promotes social responsibility. They donate to the Indaba Education Fund. Their focus is now on early childhood education especially the wine farmer’s children. In addition Indaba provides assistance to the Pinotage Youth Development Academy that helps young adults who are unemployed.

Cape Classics Highlights Indaba Brand with Contest

“This content invites consumers of legal drinking age to post photos that best capture the essence of Indaba and a South African Braai. The winner who submits the best image will receive a $500 Whole Foods gift card. To enter, consumers must take a braai-inspired picture that includes a bottle of Indaba, the tag @IndabaWines and hashtag #Braaigram. The contest runs from September 19 September 28, 2015.”

Get ready this weekend to show support for South Africa’s culture by celebrating National Braai Day on September 24. Be sure to take photos and submit them on Instagram to enter the contest.


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