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Why Not Pair Wine and Books?

Books for wine lovers

Books for wine lovers!

If you live near Boulder, Colorado and enjoy wine and books, you will want to check out the Boulder Wine Reads meetup. If you don’t live near Boulder, another way to satisfy your interest is to start your own local Wine Reads group.

Boulder Wine Read was started in September 2014 by Blake Eliasson. Blake opened Settembre Cellars in 2007. The location is Settembre Cellars, 1501 Lee Hill Rd Unit 16, Boulder, CO

Boulder Wine Reads is for wine enthusiasts who like wine and want to learn more about it. The meetup description explains how it works, “…our winemaker selects a book, we read a section or two & then gather over a glass to share what we learned. Art, science, history, geography and an intimate human connection to the season & soil beneath our feet, few beverages can match the story wine has to tell. Whether your interest is purely hedonistic, or you wish to explore the intricacy of phenolics, minerality & terroir, we invite you to join an exploration of wine’s story.”

There is no charge to attend the Boulder Wine Reads group. However, those who would like a glass of wine pay $8 for a glass of wine or a flight for $10.

Prior events for Boulder Wine Reads have included books such as The Accidental Connoisseur, Wine Science, The Hills of Chianti, Postmodern Winemaking, and The Road to Burgundy.

The next scheduled meetups are:

October 4 meetup: Real Wine

November 1 meetup: Questions of Taste

December 6 meetup: The Botanist and the Vintner

This is agreat concept for other wineries to consider. While winemakers may feel they are too busy with their winemaking responsibilities, wineries should consider other staff members as well as wine club members and wine enthusiasts. Terry and I would enjoy leading a meetup group with a focus on wine.


Georgia, Sakartvelo: The Birthplace of Wine

Georgia, Sakartvelo: The Birthplace of Wine

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