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Flying Over Vineyards Into San Luis Obispo

Wine Country sign at San Luis Obispo Airport

Wine Country sign at San Luis Obispo Airport

On Tuesday we flew into the smallest airport we have ever been to. The last small airport we were at was in Colorado and we still are delighted to tell others about how friendly and low key it was. However, the trip to the San Luis Obispo airport was also outstanding.

As soon as we departed the 50 passenger plane, we were guided to the two-room building where we discovered one small luggage carousel. On the top was an oak barrel with a sign

San Luis Obispo Airpot

San Luis Obispo Airpot

welcoming visitors to wine country. While Terry waited for our luggage, I  walked through a doorway and saw four car rental agencies waiting to help travelers. One sure doesn’t get tired walking around the airport to locate anything. There were no shops or restaurants.

However, what struck us as one of the most beautiful views we have seen were the dynamic views of green vineyards attractively climbing the beautiful hills of Edna Valley.

After arriving at Autrey Cellars, less than two miles from the passenger terminal, we met Steve Autrey who explained that a little earlier the colors of the hills were even more dynamic with wildflowers including orange poppies 41316eIMG_9063contrasting with the vibrant green. We watched as another plane flew over rolling hills of vineyards. Then we felt the shock waves as they gently kissed the vines.

As with other areas of California, we learned that in a few short months the green of the hillsides will turn brown as summer’s lack of rain dictates.

Claiborne & Churchill winery in San Luis Obispo

Claiborne & Churchill winery in San Luis Obispo





We had another view of the Edna Valley AVA from Claiborne & Churchill Winery. They have a few acres of Riesling and Pinot Noir, where we could get close and photograph the vines. The Edna Valley is a beautiful and photographic wine region.

Kathy and Terry

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