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Zaching Against Cancer

Aching Against Cancer

Zaching Against Cancer

Zaching Against Cancer is a non-profit organization that makes a difference for those struck down with cancer. Zachary Lederer was diagnosed for a second time with brain cancer while a student at the University of Maryland. In 2013, Zachary with his parents, John and Chris Lederer, set up Zaching Against Cancer. Zach is well known for the photo his father took of him making a strongman pose to show his family and friends after surgery in January 2012. Zach is to be admired for his spirit which is seen through his statement, “I want the world to be a better place because I was here.”

Zachary was inspired to start Zaching Against Cancer because of the struggles he saw other cancer patients enduring. A fact sheet notes, “While Lederer was in and out of the hospital, he noticed the struggles of other patients who did not have the resources he was lucky enough to have, such as: a family who could stay with him, a warm house to go home to, good insurance, transportation, etc. Through these observations, Lederer developed the mission for his nonprofit organization and became determined to help others in his situation.”

The mission of Zaching Against Cancer is, “To provide support, strength, inspiration and positive influences to cancer patients and their support networks through scholarships, internships and cancer research funding.”

The Zaching Against Cancer Foundation is a non-profit foundation which seeks to support cancer patients and their networks with research and scholarships. “ZACF works to spread Zachary’s mission of #LivingtheDream by helping and inspiring others. The organization supports cancer patients and caregivers of all ages, as well as patients of all types of cancers.”

The Turf Valley Fall Festival Event to Support Zaching Against Cancer

Terry wrote a blog on Friday regarding the Turf Valley Fall Festival Event. This wine, food, and music event, was held to raise funds for the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation. The event took place inside a large enclosed tent outside Petite Cellars at Turf Valley. Terry’s blog provided details about the wines he tasted. I tasted different wines including the Clos de Nit Crianza which was a translucent dark purple color. The wine offered notes of earthiness and dark fruit. This wine was dry and had tannins. The mouthfeel was rough. My favorite wine of the evening was the Kanonkop Kadette that sells for $18.97. The wine was an almost opaque dark purple color with a light aroma. The wine offered notes of blackberries and tannins. What I liked about this wine was the smooth mouthfeel it offered. The Falesco Est Est Est had a light peach aroma. This light-bodied wine was crisp and had notes of peach. This is a food friendly wine.

The festival also included food provided by several restaurants in the Turf Valley Town Square. We saw Xitomate which is a Cocina mexicana & tequila bar, Grill 620, Asian Court and more. Of particular interest to me was Pinot’s Palette which bills itself as a “paint-and-sip destination.” I love the idea of painting and sipping wine. Live music was also provided during the event. I enjoyed the music but it was a bit loud for trying to have a conversation with other attendees.

The Zachary Against Cancer Foundation holds other events including:

  • November 19, 2016 – Zaching Running Festival at Turf Valley Resort/turf Valley Towne Square, Ellicott City, MD
  • February 25, 2017 – “Living the Dream” Gala
  • March 5, 2017 – The Zaching Running Festival at Bayside in Selbyville, DE
  • Watch the Zaching Against Cancer website for more events and next years 3rd Annual Fall Festival with wine and food.

Donations are also accepted online.

The website offers a great deal of information and resources for those with cancer and their caregivers. One site that was particular interesting is The Little Things. According to the Zaching website, “The Little Things for Cancer program is dedicated to improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their caregivers.”

Take a moment to show you care and visit Zaching Against Cancer website.


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