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Guy Fawkes Wine Dinner at Pearmund Cellars

Pearmund Cellars in Virginia

Pearmund Cellars in Virginia

Celebrate a special British event at Pearmund Cellars on  November 5. Pearmund Cellars  is hosting a special wine dinner to commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes, who was involved in a historic event that took place in Britain in 1605. In addition to the delicious dinner and wines, the event includes a bonfire.

The Guy Fawkes Wine dinner will include a British-style dinner with wines from three wineries including Pearmund Cellars, Vint Hill Craft Winery and Effinghham Manor Winery,

Notice that this delightful event starts with a sparkling wine from Effingham Manor Winery, a new Virginia winery that is about to open.



The Guy Fawkes wine dinner menu:

Guy Fawkes Wine Dinner at Pearmund Cellars

*EMW Sparkling

Hor D’oeuvres:

Sausage in pastry

Mini cups of Carrot Soup

Lamb Lollipops

*PC cab franc


First Course:

Welsh Rarebit

*EMW Merlot


Second Course:

Bangers and Mashed

*VH Cab Sauv


Third Course:

Roast ‘Beast’

Bubbles and Squeak

Sauteed Cabbage

*PC Ameritage


Dessert Course:

Toffee Bread Pudding


*VH Port

The cost of $110 per person includes tax and tip.

Reservations are necessary for this event. Contact john@pearmundcellars.com or call 540-347-3475.

Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes was part of a group that planned the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. The plot was designed to blow up the House of Lords ultimately assassinating King James I. Fortunately for King James I, the plot was discovered just prior to setting off the explosive gunpowder. Guy Fawkes was the person who was in place to guard the stockpiled gunpowder. Fortunately for King James I, the plot was discovered just prior to setting off the explosives and Guy Fawkes was captured. Today the event is observed throughout Britain with the burning of a Guy Fawkes’ effigy and fireworks.

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