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Give a Bourbon Workshop Experience for Christmas

dragon11Last Saturday, we attended a fun and informative workshop on distilling bourbon. The location was Dragon Distillery in Frederick, Maryland. We quickly discovered that the owner Mark T. Lambert is friendly and easily presents the distilling process to small gatherings of participants.

Inside the distillery, Mark used a slide presentation and provided a booklet with the slide presentation; luckily there was no need to take extensive notes. Attendees participated in activities that included pouring the mash into a large stainless steel tank and stirring so it would not lump together.

Mark offers three workshops. We only attended the first workshop which lasted about 3 hours. Other workshops are longer and include additional information.

If you are still shopping for the perfect gift for a  whiskey/bourbon enthusiast, you will want to consider signing someone up for one or all three of the workshops. The one day (3-hour) workshop includes information about the equipment, mashing, fermentation, filtration and more. The 3-day workshop lasts 7 to 8 hours and includes much more.

Each participant receives a small charred oak barrel filled with moonshine that is ready for aging. Age it long enough and you can call it bourbon. The moonshine was distilled from a mash of approximately 87% corn and 13% malted barley.

The cost for these workshops starts at $115 for the 3-hour class.

For more information, visit the Dragon Distillery online workshop information.

Dragon Distillery is located just off of Interstate 70 in Frederick, Maryland. It is located close to the Frederick airport.

Check out our articles about Dragon Distillery and  Dragon Distillery workshop experience.

This is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime and make a wonderful holiday gift.


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