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Fishing, Wine and Etsy

“Nearshore Adventures”

This week we spent a great several days with my brother-in-law and his wife. Todd and Sheryl are passionate about the fishing industry in the Michigan region. As avid fishermen, they wrote a book, Nearshore Adventures. Terry worked with them to get the book submitted for publication both as a paperback and an ebook. Over several days and many, many hours later, the mission was accomplished. The book Nearshore Adventures is now available as a pdf in their Etsy shop called TssullyTackleBox. The book will soon be available as a paperback and an ebook. Todd and Sheryl are also very creative and are making their own fishing lures which are also available in their Etsy shop. From my perspective, they have a large inventory of fishing lures available in their shop.

Throughout the three days, we had good times and there was much laughter as Terry and I learned so much about fishing and about Todd and Sheryl’s adventures while on the lakes. When the weather is appropriate they also try ice fishing. We are encouraging Todd and Sheryl to write more books about fishing.

“A Wine Lexicon: Increasing Your Knowledge”

Along the way through our extensive conversations, we learned more about selling online especially selling on Etsy. While Terry and I had talked about putting our wine-related products on Etsy, we had hesitated. So with Todd and Sheryl’s enthusiasm behind us, Wine Trail Traveler now has an Etsy shop known as WineBooksandMore. When you check WineBooksandMore out you will see our newest self-published book A Wine Lexicon: Increasing Your Knowledge. Our earlier self-published, wine-related books are also available in our Etsy shop as well as kitchen towels with wine-related embroidery. We hope to add more to our Etsy shop inventory soon. Check out WineBooksandMore out and let us know what you think.

Kathy and Terry

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