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How to Choose a Wine for Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with wine and flowers!

With Mother’s Day just a few short days away, below are a few tips to help choosing a wine for this special day honoring Mom, Grandma, Great  Grandma, Stepmom and all those special women in your life. If you are not sure just what type of wine your Mom will enjoy, keep in mind whether she enjoys wine regularly or is new to the world of wine. The predominant belief among many wine drinkers, with more experience drinking wine, is that will likely enjoy a wine serious wine with layers of fruit and tannins. Otherwise choose a light style wine, perhaps a rosé.

Wine Suggestions for Mother’s Day

  1. Visit a winery to pick up a bottle of wine. Many wineries offer a tasting of wines and this enables visitors to explore the different wine styles, choosing the perfect wine for Mother’s Day.

2. Sparkling wines are a great choice. There is nothing like a sparkling wine to say that this is a special day!

3. If your mother enjoys sweet goodies, another wine option is a dessert wine. Some dessert wines will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. A good example is an icewine made in the traditional way.

4. Wines do not need to be expensive to be good; just because a bottle of wine is expensive doesn’t make it good. Numerous good wines can be discovered for around $15.

5. Choose your wine based on the food that will be served on Mother’s Day. With a salad, consider a white wine like Viognier, Riesling or Chardonnay.  For barbecued food serve, a red wine with good tannins. If a a fish entrée is to be served, try Albariño or Pinot Grigio.

Before hand delivering your bottle of wine, tie a ribbon with a rose to the bottle.

Another idea for Mother’s Day is purchase a small box of chocolates filled with wine. These candies can sometimes be found in winery tasting rooms.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and moms-to-be!



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