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Lagar da Condesa, A Rias Baixas Winery

An Albariñ wine from Lagar da Condesa

Earlier this year, we attended a Rias Baixas wine tasting just outside of Washington, DC. Numerous wines from this region of Spain were available to taste including one wine from Lagar da Condesa winery which grows only the Albariño grape variety.

The Lagar da Condesa winery in Pontevedra, Spain is located in the Rias Baixas region. The winery is a member of the Gil Family Estates wineries. The small, relatively new winery, dates back to 2013. It is located in the Arcos da Condesa area. The winery itself is built of granite. The

Rias Baixas wines at a wine tasting earlier this year

structure is considered to be a typical Pazos (manor house) in the Galicia region.

The Lagar Da Condesa 2015 wine was produced with a combination of stainless steel fermentation and French oak fermentation. This wine with 12% alchohol retails for a reasonable $18. The winery’s tasting notes for the wine: “Brilliant pale gold in color, copious apples and pears infused with mouthwatering aromas of lemon, outstanding fruit with a touch of honey beautifully focused and mineral. The attack is rich and broad packed with ripe citrus concentration, dense and fleshy, very good acidity with a long finish.” Suggested food pairings are: a variety of fish, shellfish, white meats, vegetables, rice and salads.

Interview (online) with Winemaker David Landin, Lagar da Condesa

What are your most enjoyable aspects of winemaking? 

It is a whole bunch of emotions but the most satisfying part is observing how the grape transforms and evolves until obtaining a great wine.

How and when did your wine journey begin?

I inherited my passion for wines from my father, with the vineyard we owned at home. Later in 2000, I participated in a tasting contest by chance. When it ended I knew I wanted to make wines when a grown-up. I studied for that and nowadays this is what I do for living with the same passion than the first day.

Why did you decide to start making wine? 

I loved working in the vineyards and when in 2002 I got the opportunity to work in a winery and make wine, that was the achievement of a whole year of hard work in the vineyard.

How many hectares of grapes are you growing? Which varieties are you growing?

We grow around 50 acres, all of them planted with albariño.

What do you wish you knew when you started making wine that you now know? 

How difficult can be making a good wine.

To what do you contribute your success as a winemaker? 


Albariño is a very food friendly wine. What types of foods do you like to pair with Albariño wine?

Every food can be paired with albariño wines, even meat. But albariño is outstanding with sea-flavored dishes.


When you have the opportunity, be sure to try the Lagar da Condesa Albariño wine.

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